Teaching Resources

ETS Proficiency Profile

The ETS® Proficiency Profile assesses four core skill areas: critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics--with a little bit of information literacy-- in a single test that the

Feminist Pedagogy for Library Instruction

Providing both a theoretical framework and practical guidance, this title introduces feminist pedagogy to librarians seeking to enrich their teaching practices in feminist and progressive ways.


A quick way to create your own gameshow-style boards (e.g. Jeopardy) for test reviews in the classroom. Text-based questions are displayed on-screen and boards are saved for later use.


Formative is an online tool that offers the opportunity to create assignments, deliver them to students, receive results, and provide individualized feedback in real-time.

Framework Spotlight on Scholarship

The “Framework Spotlight on Scholarship” column is a weekly post series written by Donna Witek highlighting scholarship that uses, build

Frameworks For Blended and Online Course Design

Learning technologists have been developing frameworks for course design, development, delivery, and evaluation.

Global Perspectives on Information Literacy: Fostering a Dialogue for International Understanding

Across the world, academic librarians work toward developing students’ abilities to effectively find, evaluate, use, and create information.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a Google App that can be used to create forms and surveys to collect student data. You can add in different question types, images, videos, or links.


Gooru is a free, educational search engine for online resources and lesson plans in science, math, social studies and language arts.

H-Urban Syllabi Collection

These syllabi offer a view of current and past themes, theories, literature, and approaches in urban studies and history.