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AssignmentArchives, Race and Justice Melanie Hubbard08 months 2 weeks ago
AssignmentLabyrinths of Time Digital and Writing Project Melanie Hubbard01 year 5 months ago
AssignmentInvisible Cities Network Analysis Assignment Melanie Hubbard01 year 5 months ago
AssignmentIntroduction to Voyant Assignment Melanie Hubbard01 year 5 months ago
AssignmentAntisemitism on Social Media Essay Melanie Hubbard02 years 2 months ago
AssignmentEvolution of International Policy and Policy Areas Melanie Hubbard02 years 8 months ago
AssignmentLiterary Work Word Analysis Melanie Hubbard02 years 8 months ago
AssignmentNewspaper Database Analysis Melanie Hubbard02 years 8 months ago

Assignments Contributed

For this project you will be creating a digital resource that can be used to help teach about the Southern California Library’s mission and materials, how to work with archival materials, and, in general, how to work with and research primary sources.  

The following are a series of scaffolded assignments that led to the creation of “Labyrinths of Times,” an online digital project: Aspects of it, including the scaffolded approach, are helpful for teaching students how to write for the web.

This assignment uses Palladio to create a network based on Italio Calvino's Invisible Cities.

An introduction to Voyant text analysis tool.

In this assignment students work in groups on closely reading international policy documents, noting substantive changes in a policy area over time, and ploting those changes in the timeline tool, TimelineJS.

In this exercise students use the Voyant word analysis tool to analyze Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. (Any literary work would work.)

This assignment leads students through an analysis of media coverage of the 1965 Watts uprising. The intention is for students to learn more about the uprising and how a database can be used as a digital humanities tool.

This assignment requires students to apply their knowledge of antisemitic tropes to tweets with the final outcome of the assignment being a short analytical paper and a presentation.