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Assignments Adapted

I have used this assignment twice, in an upper division criminal justice class. The first time was in a 75 minute class, so I was able to do it as written and it went very well. The students were engaged and they realized the intensity of reading a scholarly article.
The second time was in a 50 minute class so my adaptation was as follows: still using the worksheet, each group only had two questions to answer- I divided them up 1&6, 2&7, 3-4-5. Then everyone worked through questions 8-11. When we came back whole group, the groups had to listen to their classmates present their questions, and try to answer the questions on the worksheet that they didn't do. This prompted a lot of good discussion and, while it felt fast, students were able to get a cursory view of the entire worksheet and still appreciate the different components in a social science article.