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The purpose of this Business Benchmark assignment is to professionally present (3-5 minutes) a new idea to improve and aspect of the college. This presentation has no mandated materials, students are however expected to provide an excellent, well explained, supported and presented new idea. Your goal is to inspire your audience to take a specific action or position.

This project has four Business case elements. Each element is related to one of the student course outcomes. Each case will require students to complete the following:
Read all elements of each case, including exhibits.
Write a one page summary for each case answering the questions in each case, for a total of a 4 page report.
The report should be submitted as one consolidated report addressing all four cases below.

Ready to be an entrepreneur? Your final project is to create a business/product and sell it to your classmates, Shark Tank style! You will complete this assignment individually OR with a partner and your classmates will play the role of the Sharks!
Your company can offer a physical product or a service, but it should not just be a copy of something already offered … BE CREATIVE! Think outside of the box …

About: You are the Chief Executive Officer of an exciting start up Clean Energy Business. This is a web-based free simulation. Students play the role of the founder of a new start-up company in the exciting and competitive clean tech sector. Each quarter students must set prices, decide how many engineers and sales people to hire, and set compensation, including salary, stock, options and profit sharing. Students must also make financial decisions such as debt level, equity level and overall cash management.

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Four Cases aligned to Course Student Outcomes
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Shark Tank
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MIT Clean Start Business Simulation
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