Media Observer

Submitted by Tara Franks on September 8th, 2017
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For this assignment, students will spend time as a critical media observer - namely, their own uses of media in a 72 hour period. In order to complete the assignment, students MUST record each time they use/engage with media for a complete 72 hour (3 day) period in a LOG, recording their exposure to, uses of, and interaction with mediated communication (e.g., cell phone, social media, TV, radio, etc.) During this time, students are also required to make detailed autoethnographic “field” notes of their experience and how they were personally (socially, culturally) effected by the media- what interfaces/platforms/sources they interacted with, which were intentional and which were not, the effects (if any) on their mood, time management, body, further use of media, etc. After the 72 hours, students write a 2-3 page self-reflexive paper that responds to the prompts (see handout)

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Learning Outcomes: 

Students will be able to observe, record, and evaluate their own uses of media for a complete 72 hour period; self-reflect on which aspects of their own identities and upbringing influenced their media behavior; apply mediated communication course concepts and theories to their self-reflection processes.

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