Intro to Evaluating Resources

Submitted by Kelleen Maluski on October 21st, 2020
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Short Description: 

This video was put together to offer health sciences students a brief introduction to critically thinking about their resources in order to evaluate how appropriate they are for use in their work. It was important that the learners understand the complexities of using specific resources and why it is important to always critically evaluate materials. This includes a discussion of critiques of gatekeeping surrounding peer review, how damaging and discriminatory research can still get published, and how to ask crucial questions to subvert dominant narratives. The video primarily points to our research guide, which is linked below as well, in order to help plant the seeds of this conversation without overwhelming learners in the moment. You will find all materials for creation of the video as well as the closed caption script and the video itself here so that you can adapt it to your needs.

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Learning Outcomes: 
  • Understand how important it is to critically evaluate resources
  • Begin to question the standard and dominant narratives of research and publication practices, such as peer review
  • Know where to get further information and help
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Maluski, Kelleen. "Intro to Evaluating Resources." CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments), 2020.